This section constitutes a space where some of the super talented people I had the chance to met in my life, contribute to the spread of culture and knowledge, writing papers, original analysis, and ideas, generally but not necessarily, on their field of expertise and specialization. Often people tend to share social media opinions, without developing their own ideas, without a deep understanding and a critical evaluation of the mechanism at the roots of a specific topic, without taking into account all the possible aspects and points of views, without furnishing an objective evaluation of the reality. The aim of this section is then to give voice to those reflective people who instead studied before saying something, to those who really deserve to say few things but extremely reasoned, those how very often stay in silence.


Artificial Intelligence

Literature and Religions

Scienza e morale

Scienza e morale

Il rapido susseguirsi di straordinarie scoperte scientifiche e di sofisticate innovazioni tecnologiche fa sì che sempre più frequentemente torni alla… Continua

Politics and government

Science Spread

Medicine and Wellness

Mathematics and Physics

Computer Science

Mechanics and Electronics

Art and Music

Society analysis

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