About me

I’m Ilario, an Italian dreamer, knowledge and technology lover, with a background in mechanical engineering, robotics and complexity science.

My interests are quite wide, spacing from basic disciplines, like physics and applied mathematics, till their application in mechanical and electronic engineering, robotics, optimization techniques, artificial intelligence, economy and society modeling.

In this website, you can find information about my work, interests, ideas, my scientific activity, my math and role-playing games, but also, you can have access to all my collection of mechanical engineering notes and didactic material I wrote during my bachelor, master and Ph.D. at Politecnico di Bari – Italy.

Have a good trip in my world!

My biography in 220 characters

I currently work as research development mechanical engineer at Code Architects Automation, where I am part of a multidisciplinary team covering the main fields of science and engineering. We put daily all our efforts to conceptualize new intelligent automated systems and robots, trying to give a small contribution to the revolutionary technology era we are living.

I acquired an extensive experience in optimization techniques during my doctoral studies at Politecnico di Bari, where I obtained my Ph.D. in 2017, discussing a thesis on the emergence and exploitation of collective intelligence of groups. I particularly focused my activity on the human group’s behavior modeling, both trying to describe social phenomena, but at the same time trying to exploit the emergence of the collective intelligence and criticality for developing a swarm-based optimization algorithm.

During my studies, I spent almost a year, partially financed by the US Army Research Laboratory, at the Center of Nonlinear Science at University of North Texas (US), an amazingly memorable experience that gave me a lot, not just form a scientific point of view.

Previously, I earned a bachelor (2011) and master’s degree (2013) in mechanical engineering at Politecnico di Bari focusing my studies on fluid dynamics, fluid machines, and applied mechanics, mainly conducting multiphysics optimization studies for the General Electric company.