• Ph. D. in Mechanical and Management Engineering, 2014-2016, Politecnico di Bari – Italy. Dissertation: “Emergence and exploitation of collective intelligence of groups”, defended on March 30th 2017.
  • Qualification as Engineer, 2014, Italian Association of Engineers.
  • Summa cum laude Master degree in Mechanical Engineering, November 14th 2013, Politecnico di Bari – Italy. Thesis in Fluid Machines: “Analysis and optimization of a return channel for centrifugal compressor”, supported by a General Electric Oil & Gas scholarship.
  • Summa cum laude Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering, July 18th 2011, Politecnico di Bari – Italy. Thesis in Fluid dynamics: “Tumbling inside a combustion chamber model”.
  • Summa cum laude Diploma as Mechanical Engineering specialist, 2003-2008, Istituto Tecnico Industriale Sen. Onofrio Iannuzzi, Andria (BT) – Italy.
Research experience abroad
  • Visiting PhD at Centre for Nonlinear Science at University of North Texas (UNT), Denton – Texas (US), June 3rd-December 26th 2016.
  • Summer School in Nanotribology, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Copenhagen – Denmark, August 18th-29th 2014.
  • Summer School in Energy harvesting at micro and nano scales, Noise in Physical Systems laboratories(NiPS), Perugia – Italy, July 14th-18th 2014.
Prizes and awards
  • Jun. 2024. Candidatura Compasso D’Oro per progetto OMNIAGV
  • Oct. 2023. Premio Innovazione Nazionale (Premio dei Premi) – Fondazione COTEC
  • Feb. 2023. Premio Innovazione 4.0. A&T per progetto OMNIAGV
  • Dic. 2022. Premio Innovazione ADI Design Index 2022  per progetto OMNIAGV
  • Oct. 2022. Selezione ADI Design Index 2022 per progetto OMNIAGV.
  • Jun. 2022. Bando RIPARTI “Navigazione ottima per veicoli a guida autonoma in ambienti industriali”
  • Apr. 2013. Prizewinner of a master thesis scholarship funded by General Electric Oil & Gas.
  • Jun. 2008. Recognized for his high school achievements, he was invited by the National Order of Merit for Labor to participate in a competition to get a position in the university college of excellence “Lamaro Pozzani” in Rome. Dr. De Vincenzo declined the offer.
  • Aug. 2008. Prizewinner “First place in state examinations 2007/2008” by the Rotary International club of Trani, District 2120.
  • Feb. 2008. Winner of an educational trip to Rome at the Quirinale, where, along with other Italian students, he met the Italian Republic President Giorgio Napolitano.
Teaching activities
  • Teaching assistant of:
    •  Mechanics of Machines I, M.Sc. Engineering Degree (ECTS 12), Politecnico di Bari.
    • Mechanics of Machines II, M.Sc. Engineering Degree (ECTS 6), Politecnico di Bari.
    • Aircraft Dynamics and simulation, M.Sc. Engineering Degree (ECTS 6), Politecnico di Bari.
    • 40 hours teaching of Mechanics of Machines I, M.Sc. Engineering Degree (ECTS 12), Politecnico di Bari.
  • Writing of lecture notes and teaching material for:
    • Mechanics of Machines I, M.Sc. Engineering Degree (ECTS 12), Politecnico di Bari.
    • Mechanics of Machines II, M.Sc. Engineering Degree (ECTS 6), Politecnico di Bari.
    • Tribology and stochastic processes, Ph.D. Course in Mechanical Engineering (ECTS 6), Politecnico di Bari.
Courses and programming languages
  • AutoCAD advanced course, ITIS Sen. Onofrio Iannuzzi, Andria (BT) – Italy.
  • Internship in computer-aided design of mechanical structures, Politecnico di Bari – Italy.
  • Internship in computational fluid dynamics, Politecnico di Bari – Italy.
  • Visual simulation and prototyping course using Solid Edge, Politecnico di Bari – Italy.
  • Siemens PLC course, ITIS Sen. Jannuzzi, Andria (BT) – Italy.
  • Siemens CNC course in machine tools numerical control, ITIS Sen. Iannuzzi, Andria (BT) – Italy.
  • Digital competence:
    • O.S.: WindowsLinux (Ubuntu, openSUSE)
    • Microsoft Office package: MS Excel, Word, Project, Visio, PowerPoint, Access.
    • Latex: Scientific WorkplaceMiKTeX.
    • Programming languages: proficient user of FortranMathematica, Visual Studio and MATLAB, good knowledge of CC++ and Python language.
    • Web Design: Adobe IllustratorAdobe Photoshop.
    • CAE software: AutoCADSolid EdgeAnsys MechanicalAnsys FluentAnsys ICEM CFDAnsys CFXSiemens Unigraphics NXCOMSOL MultiphysicsGambit.
Actual languages
  • Italian: native language.
  • English: fluent, full proficiency.

Download my CV: CV – Ilario De Vincenzo