In this section, you can give a look at some of the topics and interest that fill my everyday life.

I personally think there are so many fascinating things to know and do in life that nobody should waste time living listlessly; we have just a few years in a relatively short amount of time to learn things that others did in entire lifetimes, to discover and propose new ideas, to travel, to have fun, to know people and share way of thinking, taking advance of the resulting equilibrium of these factors to give a worth contribution to our society improvement, to leave a clear scar of our transition in next generations, being ready and satisfied whenever this wonderful game called life will end.

I believe that if everyone lives in this way it’s really hard to get bored; if you do, you are not following the right strategy, you didn’t organize correctly your aims, and even in that case, it’s not a big deal: calculate again your trajectory, rearrange your life, start again, begin new paths, check daily you accomplish at least one step ahead in the directions you outlined, and whenever difficulties will come, take them like chances to win new challenges, but never, never give up. The only things we can’t change are not under our control.


Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

We are living in the era of the artificial intelligence, a century that is bringing humanity to the development of machines able to learn, extremely fast and accurate, capable to perceive their environment and take actions maximizing their chance of success at some goal, devices able to access to huge amount of data of information and knowledge, much more of those which human beings are able to access. Many people are really concerned about these aspects and their implications, believing robots will become soon stronger and smarter of us, they will take our jobs, doing it faster, better and effortlessly. The only thing I feel to say in this contest is that we can’t do anything to stop or even slow down this technological progress, but we can for sure integrate these new tools to establish new aims and opportunities, not even thinkable before.


Genetic Engineering

As I stated earlier, we already are in the artificial intelligence era, so what’s the future topic era? What’s going to happen that will really give new prospects for our species? I think the answer to this question is the genetic engineering. Unless we resign to our written future, our species will disappear with this world, even many years before it. The only way to escape this sad destiny is becoming able to travel in spacetime and move to other planets or simply become a nomad species in this universe. To do that we need to become more resistant to hostile environments, live longer and of course, defeat mortal diseases that already are destroying our society, like cancer. A crucial revolutionary opportunity in this field could be played by the union of one of the oldest science, medicine, with the new frontiers of biology, genetics and artificial intelligence. If we will be able to modify genetically our species, will be also able to update further our Darwin evolution process, creating a new super-intelligent and resistant species of humans. Until now we tried to defeat cancer and other genetic diseases fighting or trying to prevent them, but, as history teach us, most of the revolutionary discoveries didn’t come pursuing the same way but changing completely the way itself. Einstein did that with classical mechanics, he thought again completely, showing us that the powerful tool we have is our abstract imagination, a crucial point where I suppose no bots will never defeat a human being.


Economy, politics and society modeling

Macroscopic quantities in physics, like temperature, are associated with what happens on average at large group of simple elements, whose single behaviors does not really matter in detail. This analogy can perfectly describe also our opinions formation process, that from a philological point of view is, economically speaking, even more, important of what really happens, since it affects everything around us. Under this perspective, our ideas can be very simply manipulated, by people, media, religions, education, and traditions the society we live in impose us. All these factors are relatively simply modellable so that everything can be on average in principle predicted and influenced: society choices, politics forecasts, economic trends. This fascinating topic, that essentially constitutes the starting point of my scientific activity, attracts the attention of different areas of Knowledge and can reveal us the unconscious mechanisms at the roots of our “functioning”.


Sport activities

The idea of equilibrium is one of the fundamental concepts of mechanics and, since nature obeys to similar laws everywhere at different scales, equilibrium is even fundamental in our daily life. We can’t do well what we must do, without a precise balance of satisfaction under all aspects of our life. I regularly practice sport since forever. Sport gives you the correct balance and psychophysical equilibrium we need to be relaxed, feel fit and ready to give our best in other fields. I began my sports activity cycling, then after escaping a scaring accident during a competition, I decided to change toward swimming, that became my life sport. Unfortunately, I had to stop my competitive career to pursue my vocation for science. Today, I regularly practice swimming, running, gym and, during summer, kayaking in our wonderful sea.